SEAL Craft and Art Class

SEAL Craft and Art Class Tuesdays 1.30 – 3.30 St.Francis Centre. New for old – creating and recycling Lots of fun and great ideas.

Bernies Holiday Drama

Coming soon to St. Francis Centre – BERNIES HOLIDAY Family Fun Day with Drama, Bookbug, SERAG, GCA Refreshment. All welcome. DATE COMING SOON.

Volunteers always welcome

Come along and volunteer at our Fruit Barra, Health Events, help out in your community. 0141 429 1238

YOGA Wed 1pm and Fri 6pm

Come along to YOGA. Men and Women all ages welcome. Get fit and recharge your batteries. Learn to relax. 429 1238                    

Stress Busters

Monday 1-3 Tesco Community Space, at Silverburn. Men and Women come along and learn to control stress. Learn techniques to use and share with family. 0141 429 1238

SEALs walking group

Walking group. Meet in St. Francis Centre – 1pm Thursday every week. Everyone welcome. Come along and join in. Thursdays 1pm