Community Activities

Walking Groups

Free short, gentle and friendly health walks in your local area led by trained volunteers. Wear flat comfortable shoes and dress for the weather.

Phone 0141 429 1238

Tuesdays 10.15am

Meet: Gorbals Sport Centre Cafe, Ballater Street, Gorbals G5 0YP

Thursdays 1.30pm

St.Francis Centre, 405 Cumberland Street, Glasgow G5 0SE


A Yoga group is held weekly.  Everyone is welcome and yoga is suitable for all levels of fitness.  Just wear comfortable clothing and join in to improve flexibility, strength and learn to relax.

Phone 0141 429 1238

Wednesday    1.00pm and Friday

St.Francis Centre, 405 Cumberland Street, Gorbals G5 0SE

Baby Yoga

Why not try baby yoga, this compliments baby massage. Baby yoga uses gentle stretches and movements for parents to do with their baby. It induces a happy, care-free and lively parent-infant interaction, which develops as the baby grows. It can be seen as an extension of traditional Indian infant massage which uses lots of movements and stretches. It incorporates over clothes massage, breathing techniques, stretching and movements to baby songs, rhymes, and actions sensory play. Many of the movements have been around for centuries and have their roots in traditional Indian culture. There will be handouts with the movements, nursery rhymes and poems before the course commences. Lots of one-to-one attention.

Baby Yoga Zoom Sessions – tbc
Baby Yoga leaflet-JAN 2022

Infant Massage

Why not try infant massage, experience a loving way to bond with your baby. You do not need any experience with massage, I will provide everything you need to begin a new course? There will be handouts with the massage moves, nursery rhymes and poems before the course commences. Lots of one-to-one attention. 

Infant Massage Sessions – tbc
Infant Massage leaflet-JAN 2022

Weaning Fayres

SEAL support approx. 30 weaning fayres (starting solids)per year for babies. If you have a baby and would like some ideas, advice or tips on how to move your baby from milk to solids, just come along. Call us to find out more or check the event calendar for the next event. Health Visitors will send out invitations,

Phone 0141 429 1238


Get fit and build up your stamina, feel good about yourself and make new friends. All Welcome.  Every Monday night 6.00 St.Francis Centre.