Become a volunteer

SEAL’s volunteers are a vital part of the organisation and without them many of our services would struggle. People volunteer for all sorts of reasons; some people may want to keep busy, be social or help their community. Whatever the reason, volunteering gives back a feel-good reward to people use their time and enthusiasm for the benefit and prosperity of their community.

Increase Employment Opportunities

Taking part in SEAL’s volunteer activity will improve your CV and help you stand out from the rest through skills training and high quality extra-curricular experience. To help you, SEAL providea ongoing project training, reviews and basic training courses including recognised training certificates in Food & Hygiene, Health & Safety, minute taking and many more. We also help volunteers achieve their wider aims by facilitating contact with other agencies, groups and educational institutions that can help get you where you want to be.

Get Involved

  • Fruit delivery service: Get out and about delivering fruit to communities across the South of Glasgow
  • Fruit barras: Participate in community life by serving on the barras or driving the vans
  • Events: Become a SEAL ambassador at open day events and Healthy Eating workshops
  • Working with Children: Enjoy children’s fun and playtime at workshops and events
  • Office Administration: Get real work skills by assisting the team at SEAL HQ.

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